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5. SERBIA – Sustainable Agriculture and Preservation of Natural Environment

The Living Lab in Serbia focuses on digital farming and environment protection in Žabalj municipality. It sets a shared energy, connectivity and edge processing infrastructure with added value services running atop. The services provide 1) digital farming (recommendations, decision support, autonomous control of irrigation process tailored to the crops, vegetation period and the general soil and weather conditions taking into account potential energy generation limitations 2) continuous monitoring of environmental parameters via a kit of battery powered LoRaWAN/5G sensors to monitor operational parameters of irrigation systems and environmental conditions (air and water quality, noise) to support preservation of the nature park and its biodiversity 3) autonomous and remote control of the energy, connectivity and edge processing infrastructure on the community level to optimize its use and ensure uninterrupted operation. Renewable energy installations are equipped with LoRaWAN/5G infrastructure to enable local connectivity. Solar plants are equipped with edge gateways to enable autonomous operation of the system.




21MAJ, Farmers, Farmers's associations