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LUXEMBOURG - Digitalisation of Viticulture

The Living Lab in Luxembourg focuses on viticulture and aims to combine Remote Sensing (RS) data with Internet of Things (IoT) data (in-situ measurements), and investigates how different connectivity technologies (LoRaWAN, satellite) could help to provide winegrowers relevant decisional data supporting them in several activities (irrigation, fertilization, and pesticides management). UAVs are used to capture RS data. Methods are developed, which can ‘mask out’ the unwanted information to have a clear and informative view on each vine. IoT data collected with in-situ sensors supplements the RS data. Specific information related to the soil (nutrient supply, water availability) will help winegrowers to make the right decision the right time and thereby reducing the use of water and pesticides and reducing the nitrogen input to ground water. The RS and IoT data are processed locally, at the edge, and then forwarded to the cloud trough a smart IoT gateway. The latter, which supports various IoT communications technologies and protocols, will intelligently routes the data to satellite or terrestrial backend networks.




Advisors (IVV, IBLA), winegrowers