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The COMMECT project participated at the Synergy Days Conference 2023. The conference was organized by SmartAgriHubs and took place in Thessaloniki (Greece) on 4-5 October.

COMMECT oganized two workshops in collaboration with XGain (i.e., "titled "Connectivity, Business Models and Socioeconomic Impact: What is the Interlink?" and "Which Digital Technologies are best for my Use Case?").

Moreover, the COMMECT coordinator Maria Rita Palattella participated in the "Plenary Session-Pitch Synergy Projects II", where she had the opportunity to present the project to an engaged and competent audience.

COMMECT was represented at the Synergy Days 2023 by Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), DunavNET, Telenor and TNO.


DunavNET at Interagro

DunavNET presented the COMMECT project at Interagro, an important agricultural fair organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 20-22 September 2023.

COMMECT partecipated at ETSI IoT Conference 2023

The ETSI IoT Conference 2023, which took place on 4-6 July 2023 in Sophia Antipolis (France), is a must-attend event gathering IoT experts to discuss standard-enabled technologies, IoT service deployments, and future standardization work.

The conference covers topics such as the role of IoT in digital and green transformation, advanced IoT technologies, and horizontal IoT standards for various sectors.

DunavNET CEO, Srdjan Krčo, presented the COMMECT project activities in his session titled ‘COMMECT: Building Digital Bridges for Rural Areas’.

Srdjan discussed how to bridge the digital divide in rural regions by providing reliable and secure access to everyone, regardless of location.


COMMECT at EUCNC 2023 Summit in Gothenburg (Sweden)

Ljupco Jorguseski (TNO) represented COMMECT at EUCNC 2023 Summit in Gothenburg (Sweden), i.e., one of the most exciting arenas for global dialogue and collaboration to develop mobile communications standards.

In particular, the COMMECT partner presented a poster about connnectivity solutions in rural areas for livestock transport.

COMMECT at the event 'Strengthening digital skills of rural people to benefit from the digital era'

This morning the EU event titled “Strengthening digital skills of rural people to benefit from the digital era” saw the participation of Maria Rita Palattella from Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST).

The COMMECT coordinator was invited to participate on a panel discussion with practitioners and experts on the main ingredients for successful initiatives regarding the implementation of digital skills in rural areas.

The title of the panel was “Learning from inspirational projects and practices” and, in this context, Maria Rita Palattella had the possibility to share COMMECT experience on the need of building synergies between different approaches to enhance ICT infrastructure and digital skills.

COMMECT at the EU AgriResearch Conference

One of the take-away message of the EU AgriResearch Conference was the importance of Living Labs to co-create together with farmers, foresters, and rural communities innovative and impactful solutions, tailored to their needs.

COMMECT adopts such an approach and is deploying 5 Living Labs across and outside Europe.

The COMMECT coordinator Maria Rita Palattella was there to disseminate the insights collected from the close exchange with end-users and stakeholders.

XX. Colloquium of the International Working Group for Soil Management and Quality Management in Viticulture

The XX. Colloquium of the International Working Group for Soil Management and Quality Management in Viticulture took place in Luxembourg from 10 to 13 May 2023.

Members of academia, policymakers and practitioners are discussing key topics of viticulture, exchanging on research approaches, and best practices.
Miriam Machwitz from Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Mario Gilcher from Luxsense presented COMMECT activities  through talks and poster presentation.

Dunavnet organizes IoT Day

On April 9th, the IoT community celebrated the IoT Day to recognize the profound impact of IoT technology. To mark this event, DunavNET (DNET) is hosting a meeting to discuss recent achievements in digital technologies, with a particular emphasis on the data economy, artificial intelligence, and #advancedanalytics that are propelling the industry to new heights. The meeting will take place on April, 21st and more details about it can be found here:

In that special occasion, DunavNET (DNET) will be pleased to showcase its latest activities within the COMMECT and H2020 DEMETER projects.

DunavNET presented the COMMECT project at the 27th IEEE Conference on Information Technology IT 2023

At the 27th IEEE Conference on Information Technology IT 2023, Dr Srdjan Krčo, CEO of  DunavNET, presented the COMMECT project. The presentation took place within a special conference session dedicated to the EU projects being implemented in the region. Traditionally held in Žabljak, the International Scientific and Professional Conference 'Information Technologies – Present and Future' took place from February 15th-18th, 2023. The conference was organized by University of Montenegro – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Donja Gorica – Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies, IT Society Montenegro, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Organizational Sciences, IEEE Association and IEEE Section for Serbia and Montenegro.  More information about the conference is available at the following link:

Horizon Europe Day - Chrëschtmaart Edition

Luxinnovation as the National Contact Point for the Horizon Europe kindly organized a conference about the latest developments of Luxembourg Research and Innovation landscape, with a particular focus on the Horizon Europe programme. During the event, a panel of Luxembourgish participants provided ideas and examples from successful Horizon Europe projects. The panel included success stories from the University of Luxembourg (SnT), the LIST as well as from Aristeng, a Luxembourg SME. The COMMECT project was represented by its coordinator Maria Rita Palattella, senior researcher at LIST.

Digital Around the World 2022 Conference

The coordinator of the COMMECT project, Maria Rita Palattella (LIST), took part in the Panel "From Harvesting Crops To Harvesting Data", organised by DEMETER in the context of the Digital Around the World 2022 Conference. It was an insightful discussion about digitalisation of agriculture, the necessity of multi-actor approaches, how to build trust, and data sharing. Among other things, Maria Rita Palattella had the possibility to present the approach specifically adopted by the COMMECT project in this regard.